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With the heightened quality requirements of skilled nursing facilities as mandated by the ACA, and with the key role that skilled nursing facilities play in population health management, there is a rapidly-growing focus in improving the quality of care delivered by skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.


Further intensifying this need are steadily increasing MPL claims and losses, high employee turnover, new regulatory requirements that can impact reimbursement, and ongoing non-compliance with CEU requirements.


MRM Group’s long-term care risk and safety education solution—MRM LTC™—is designed to address the unique and growing risk reduction and resident safety challenges of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Education Approach


Traditional approaches to healthcare risk education simply won’t work for long-term care facilities—it’s no wonder that risk management and resident safety education in LTC facilities have been lagging behind other segments of healthcare, despite the urgency of their need.


MRM Group has taken an innovative education approach, designed to address the specific needs of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

Focus on High-Exposure Areas
Three-Track Approach

MRM LTC™ focuses on the areas of long-term care that account for the vast majority or claims and exposures.

These include:

  • Documentation, particularly with regard to falls, skin care, decubitus ulcers, nutrition, and dehydration
  • Communications between the inter-disciplinary care team, physicians, residents, and residents’ families.
  • Medication management

Aligned with the post-acute care quality measures proposed by the IMPACT Act, the curriculum can also be tailored to address client-specific needs and priorities.

MRM LTC™ employs a “three-track” approach, providing a unique curriculum for:

1. Medical directors

2. Licensed staff (e.g. RNs, LPNs)

3. CNAs

This innovative approach ensures a highly-relevant experience for each participant, as well as a coordinated and integrated education for the organization as a whole.

Online Delivery
CEU / CME Accredited

With the high turnover rates experienced by many long-term care facilities, all educational content is delivered online through MRM Group’s powerful cloud-based technology platform, ARKS™.  Content is always available to new employees, who are guided through the curriculum, ensuring that all coursework is completed.

MRM LTC™ is CEU- and CME-accredited, helping ensure that continuing education requirements are met.  CEU and CME issuance and tracking is automatically managed through the ARKS technology platform.

In addition to regulatory compliance and improved resident safety, providing continuing education training increases employee satisfaction, thereby reducing employee turnover and its costs.

Consulting Services


In addition to MRM Group’s innovative approach to long-term care risk and resident safety education, MRM Group has the expertise and resources to assist long-term care clients in developing and implementing solutions. MRM Group’s broad range of long-term care consulting services include:


  • OBRA compliance and survey readiness
  • Leadership and management analysis with recommended risk reduction strategies
  • Clinical risk assessments
  • Audits
  • Customer satisfaction analysis


To learn more, or to discuss how MRM Group can address your specific needs, please contact us.

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Long-Term Care Risk and Safety Education Program

Long-Term Care Risk and
Safety Education Program

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