Live and Online Education Programs

For over ten years, MRM Group™ has developed and refined a highly-unique approach to risk and patient safety education that has proven to drive sustained practice change, along with extraordinary economic benefit. Services are customized to address each client’s specific needs and priorities, and results are carefully measured.

Tailored to client needs and priorities

MRM Group identifies the high-priority exposures—the key drivers of an organization’s adverse events and malpractice losses—and then builds and delivers tailored, multi-modality education programs to address each exposure, along with exposures resulting from emerging trends.

Reinforced learning through multi-modality education

Through MRM Group’s unique learning modalities, educational content is delivered by subject matter experts, experienced medical malpractice defense attorneys, and healthcare providers, both live and online, through a variety of approaches and channels.  Learn more.

Highly relevant and engaging curricula

Critical to client success, educational content is:

  • Relevant to each participant’s specialty
  • Based on actual medical malpractice cases
  • Inclusive of all members of today’s healthcare teams:
      • Physicians
      • Nurses
      • APRNs
      • PAs
      • Clinical leaders
      • Practice managers

All MRM Group education programs are CME-accredited.

Technology-driven content delivery and management

All education programs are managed by ARKS™, MRM Group’s powerful, cloud-based learning management platform.  Learn more.

Carefully measured results

One of the most important components of risk education is the ability to measure results. Through a variety of measurement techniques, key performance indicators are measured throughout the program. From program compliance, to behavior changes, to impact on claims, to millions of dollars saved, MRM Group meticulously tracks performance, results, and ROI—which, incidentally, have been quite impressive. Learn more.

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Company Overview

Versatile Education Programs

MRM Group offers incredibly versatile education programs, designed to address the needs of all types of healthcare organizations, from stand-alone hospitals and physician practices to the largest networks in the country.


MRM 360™ is the most robust risk education program available today. As MRM Group’s flagship education program, it includes the company’s full breadth of live and online learning modules, all managed through the ARKS™ learning management platform. By incorporating live sessions as part of the client curriculum, MRM 360™ delivers the highest levels of participant engagement and interaction. The results speak for themselves.


For organizations seeking an online-only solution, MRM Online™ offers MRM Group’s online-based learning modules, including its unique Spotlights™ and RiskBytes™ modalities. With MRM Online™, all learning modules are delivered through MRM Group’s powerful learning management platform ARKS™, enabling participants to access their coursework 24/7/365, at their convenience. While MRM Online™ might not offer the full educational scope of the MRM 360™ solution, its online-only delivery makes it a highly economical alternative, which can be deployed in a very short amount of time.


For geographically diverse organizations that wish to include live sessions across many locations, MRM Hybrid™ may be a sensible solution. MRM Hybrid™ is similar to MRM 360™, except all live learning modules are delivered via live webcast as opposed to at your facility—a “hybrid” approach to a comprehensive live and online education program.

Reinforced Learning through Multi-Modality Education

The traditional approach to risk education typically consisted of a compulsory annual lecture, and perhaps some “one-off” lectures in response to an adverse event or to help fulfill CME requirements. Such sessions have been typically viewed by providers as a burden, are typically general in nature, and—not surprisingly—have a poor track record of effecting any actual change.


So how has MRM Group been able to achieve such high levels of compliance, practice change, and meticulously-measured financial impact? While our program methodology has many facets, our results are driven in-part by employing a variety of learning modalities. These proprietary modalities are not only highly-engaging, but they are designed to ensure that participants have a deep and sustained understanding of the subject matter.


The MRM Group learning modalities include both live and online sessions, and cover both high-level overviews and subject matter “deep-dives.” Materials are presented by both experienced medical malpractice defense attorneys as well as healthcare providers, offering multiple perspectives of often-complex, yet common, situations. Further, the selected risk themes may be brought to life through examination of real malpractice cases, enabling participants to see how the decisions they make might play out in the legal arena. Finally, emailed “RiskBytes™” periodically challenge participants to review a brief case vignette and quickly respond, reinforcing what they’ve learned by immersing them in real risk situations, based on real malpractice cases.


Tailored to individual client needs and specialties, Foundations™ are live, interactive discussions that introduce participants to the risk and safety themes that will be covered throughout the curriculum.


Delivered through the ARKS™ learning management platform, Spotlights™ provide “deep-dives” into the subject matter, and include perspectives from both experienced medical malpractice defense attorneys as well as healthcare providers.


Exclusive to MRM Group, RiskRounds™ bring selected risk and safety themes to life through examination of real malpractice cases, enabling participants to see how the decisions they make might play out in the legal arena.


Delivered via email and exclusive to MRM Group, RiskBytes™ periodically challenge participants to review a brief case vignette and quickly respond, reinforcing what they’ve learned by immersing them in real risk situations, based on real malpractice cases.

ARKS™: MRM Group’s Cloud-Based Technology Platform

Implementing, managing, and tracking a multi-modality risk education program across a diverse range of roles, specialties, and facilities may seem daunting, to put it mildly. Fortunately, all MRM Group education programs are managed through the company’s cloud-based, patent-pending learning management platform, ARKS™. Branded with your organization’s logo and color palette, ARKS™ provides a convenient, centralized education portal for all your participants, and an incredibly powerful management tool for the program administrators.
Simple Implementation

All participants, including all roles, specialties, divisions, and locations, can be easily uploaded and maintained.

Accurate and Timely Content Delivery

Online-based content is automatically delivered to the right participant at the right time.

Live Event Scheduling

After notifying participants of a live event, ARKS will facilitate the scheduling process, including venue selection when an event is being held at multiple locations.

Compliance Optimization

As a personalized risk education portal, participants can easily see what they’ve accomplished (and what they have yet to accomplish), and will receive automatic reminders when a little extra “encouragement” is appropriate. As all participant activity is carefully tracked, managers can easily track compliance and identify any gaps that may exist.

Convenient CME Bank

Participants can review their CME credits and retrieve their CME certificates at any time.

Results Measurement

ARKS plays a key role in the results measurement of your program.

Third-Party Content Hosting and Management

MRM clients often use ARKS to host, deliver, and track third-party content, including video content, which cannot always be accommodated by an existing LMS (learning management system).


ARKS will work on virtually any device—laptop, tablet, or smartphone—enabling participant access no matter where they are.

ACGME Accreditation and CLER Program Support

MRM Group’s solutions for residency programs play a vital role in supporting residency programs’ ACGME accreditation by:

  • Incorporating ACGME milestones into its curricula
  • Measuring and tracking individual and program-wide achievement of these milestones
  • Facilitating data collection and reporting to the ACGME


In addition, MRM Group residency solutions are designed to support the Next Accreditation System’s Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program. Our curricula are closely aligned with the focus areas of the CLER program, including:

  • Patient Safety
  • Transitions in Care
  • Supervision
  • Professionalism

Contact us to learn more about how MRM Group’s solutions for residency programs supports both ACGME accreditation and CLER program support.

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