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Graduate medical education programs face a highly unique set of challenges when it comes to training residents and fellows in managing risk and ensuring the highest levels of patient safety.


In addition to instilling best practices and preparing the next generation of providers for the challenges of today’s healthcare climate, GME programs must also be prepared for ACGME accreditation, including the Next Accreditation System (NAS) and the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program.


MRM Group’s solution for graduate medical education programs—MRM GME™—is designed to specifically address these challenges and has proven to be highly effective in impacting healthcare delivery and supporting CLER site visits and ACGME accreditation.


MRM GME™ was developed in collaboration with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and is currently offered by UConn as their “Quality and Patient Safety Certificate Program.”

CLER Alignment


The MRM GME™ curriculum is designed to closely align with the CLER focus areas and pathways, covering four out of six CLER focus areas—Patient Safety, Care Transitions, Supervision, and Professionalism— and 15 out of 34 CLER pathways.  As with all MRM Group education solutions, MRM GME is delivered and managed through ARKS™, MRM Group’s powerful, cloud-based learning management platform.



  • Provides residents and fellows with a strong, sustainable foundation in risk avoidance and patient safety techniques
  • Aligned with CLER focus areas and pathways
  • Provides required reporting for ACGME accreditation and CLER site visits
  • Multi-modality, synchronized learning
  • Helps optimize the clinical learning environment
  • Proven to deliver measured, high-impact results


AHME Membership Benefits

As a membership benefit, AHME members receive favorable pricing for all MRM Group education solutions and consulting services. Please contact us for details.


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Tackling the Challenges of
CLER through
Malpractice Risk Education



Risk Education: A Critical Aspect of Graduate Medical Education

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Risk Education:
A Critical Aspect of
Graduate Medical Education

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