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With extensive subject matter expertise in the areas of clinical care, risk mitigation, insurance, patient safety, quality improvement, and medical malpractice, MRM Group’s consulting practice assists clients in navigating through their most complex risk and patient safety challenges.

Why MRM Group Consulting?

Let’s face it: there’s no shortage of consultants in our space. So what is it that sets MRM Group apart, and why is it that the vast majority of MRM Group consulting clients re-engage with us as they face new needs and challenges?

Collaboration. No two clients are alike, and as clinicians, we know that a cookie-cutter approach simply will not work. MRM Group creates a true, collaborative partnership by listening to each client, measuring what matters, and ensuring that our recommendations can be integrated into the ow-of-work processes, providing the necessary tools and resources to ensure successful outcomes.

Flexibility. While most consulting firms are armed with set agendas, procedures, and checklists, the MRM Group approach is based on flexibility. Our framework is designed for adaptability, taking into account client needs, desires, and time constraints. We embrace the unique aspects of every client and adapt our engagements accordingly.

Implementation. Unlike most consulting rms that complete their engagements, make their recommendations, and move on, MRM Group not only provides detailed recommendations, but also provides the support to operationalize the recommendations. Short of resources? No problem—our outsourced risk services will ensure complete and effective execution. This unique, results-oriented approach has become a hallmark of MRM Group’s consulting practice, and has led to strong, ongoing partnerships with clients from coast to coast.

What Can We Do For You?

With deep expertise in risk, quality, and patient safety, and with its diverse panel of specialists and practicing clinicians, MRM Group’s consulting practice offers a broad array of services that can address almost any challenge. While the majority of our consulting engagements fall under the categories of assessments, audits, and outsourced risk services, we frequently handle specialized needs— please speak with one of our team members to discuss what we can do for you.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services


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