Recorded Webinar

Long-Term Care
Malpractice Risk Trends:
Are You Prepared?


The landscape of long-term care risk and resident safety is changing rapidly…Are you staying on top of the latest trends in LTC malpractice, and are you fully prepared to address them head-on? Further, are you fully aware of the connections between LTC malpractice and the current regulatory standards and guidelines?


In this complimentary webinar, our experts will discuss key risk trends in today’s long-term care industry, coming from three perspectives: (1) clinical; (2) legal; and (3) insurance. They’ll review several actual cases, illustrating potential pitfalls that could put your organization at risk. In addition to identifying the trends that are most concerning to LTC leaders, we’ll provide specific recommendations to mitigate the emerging exposures. We will also discuss how specialized LTC education can not only mitigate risk, but also improve resident safety and enhance your ability to respond to regulatory surveys.


In this webinar, you will learn:


  • The latest trends in long-term care malpractice and their impact on risk and resident safety
  • Practical recommendations in mitigating emerging risks
  • The connection between malpractice and regulatory standards and guidelines
  • How the goals and standards set by regulatory organizations can play a significant role in your organization’s success
  • The specific areas of concern for CMS, Joint Commission, and other regulatory organizations
  • How to actually implement the recommendations to improve the care provided to residents and better protect the organization from malpractice risk 




Diane C. Fernald, RN, JD
Executive Consultant, Product Development / Consulting Services 
MRM Group, LLC


Carol Burkhart, RN, MS, ARNP, CPHRM
Senior Vice President, Health Care Delivery System Transformation 
Aon plc
Barry Weiner 
Managing Director, Health Care Practice Leader 
Aon plc

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