Why We’re Unique

Deep roots in the healthcare, legal, and insurance fields

MRM Group™ was founded and is managed by highly-experienced malpractice defense attorneys, as well as former executives in the healthcare and insurance fields. This multi-faceted blend of subject matter expertise has enabled MRM Group to create the most effective approach to risk education and patient safety—an approach that has proven to drive sustained practice change and deliver remarkable results. Learn more about our leadership team.

Pro-active approach

By carefully monitoring industry trends as well as regulatory and legislative changes, MRM Group™ has a strong track record of not only addressing its clients’ existing risk needs but also helping them stay ahead of emerging threats.  The results speak for themselves. Learn more.

Meticulously measured results

Risk education should be more than a perfunctory obligation that delivers uncertain results. At MRM Group™, we meticulously measure all aspects of our program, from participant knowledge and satisfaction, to actual changes in behavior, to changes in claim frequency and severity, to overall return on investment. Learn more about how we measure our results.

Proven ROI

MRM Group’s unique approach to risk education and patient safety is proven to deliver a substantial return on investment. MRM Group clients experience dramatic reductions in claim frequency and severity, dramatic reductions in premiums and losses, and seven- and eight-figure returns of cash reserves. Learn more.

Case-based, specialty-specific, multi-modality education programs

Key to MRM Group™ success (and client success) is offering highly-engaging education programs that drive sustained practice change. Most MRM Group content is based on our vast library of actual malpractice claims, challenging participants to understand and examine real-life exposures, and reflect on how they might have handled a similar situation. Our unique blend of learning modalities have proven to consistently achieve deep, reinforced learning.

Live and online learning modules

MRM Group™ offers both live and online learning modules, enabling your organization to able to receive the highest levels of participant engagement. Learn more.

Powerful, cloud-based learning management platform

MRM Group’s unique learning management platform, ARKS™, ensures simple implementation, administration, and reporting, and provides an invaluable information and CME management resource for participants. Learn more.

Hands-on partnership / Turn-key solutions

MRM Group™ is a full-service, hands-on partner, truly becoming an extension of our clients’ risk management and patient safety teams. Our dedicated program managers play an active, on-going role in implementation, participant compliance, live event management, and results measurement and reporting.  Comprehensive programs can be quickly deployed with minimal resources and with no additional FTEs.

Comprehensive consulting practice

Many clients turn to MRM Group’s enterprise risk management expertise to help navigate through their most complex risk, patient safety, quality, and patient satisfaction challenges.  We AAIM (Anticipate, Assess, Improve, Maintain) to connect the complexities of the patient experience while providing the tools and techniques to mitigate risk and liability.  Learn more about MRM Group’s consulting practice.

Thought leadership

With expertise in medical malpractice law, healthcare, and insurance, MRM Group™ had identified the flaws in the status quo and with existing solutions, and has taken an innovative approach to risk and patient safety education—an approach that has gained strong traction and that has proven to yield superior, published results.

ACCME Accreditation with Commendation

MRM Group has been awarded Accreditation with Commendation, the highest possible level of accreditation offered by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). This top-tier commendation is achieved by only 1 in 5 ACCME-accredited providers, and is awarded only when a CME provider is able to meet all 22 accreditation criteria.


Learn more about MRM Group’s accredited live and online education programs.

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