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About MRM Group

Healthcare delivery is more complex than ever. From the rapid adoption of EHR systems, to the rise of hospitalist-based patient care, to the day-to-day pressure of increasing productivity without compromising patient safety, it’s no surprise that errors and oversights continue to increase, along with preventable adverse events—all which impacts patient satisfaction.


In fact, it has been estimated that upwards of 70 percent of adverse events are the result of communication lapses, follow-up lapses, system deficiencies, inadequate informed consent, and poor patient relations—all completely preventable. And as a result, billions of dollars are unnecessarily spent every year, both in malpractice premiums as well as in settlements and verdicts. Needless to say, these costs, along with the incalculable resources required to manage and mitigate these costs, represent an extraordinary burden to all healthcare stakeholders: from providers, to facilities, and ultimately, to patients.


Further, patient satisfaction—as measured through HCAHPS scores—now accounts for 30% of a hospital’s VBP (value-based purchasing) score, and can profoundly impact its CMS reimbursement.


Risk education and consulting firms have always existed, but their approaches were clearly ineffective. Not only was the problem not getting better, it was getting worse.


In 2003, MRM Group™ was formed, with the vision of taking an entirely new approach to risk and patient safety education. It would help organizations identify their highest priority exposures based on an analysis of their claims, benchmarking, and risk assessments. It would create highly-engaging risk education programs that included live sessions, and content that was specialty-specific and based on actual malpractice cases. The programs would be delivered through a variety of modalities, ensuring a deep, reinforced understanding of the topics, empowering participants to change the way they practice and to deliver the highest possible levels of patient care. The solution would be managed through a cloud-based technology platform, and perhaps most importantly, the results would be measured. Everything would be measured.


It worked. Over ten years later, MRM Group has transformed the way many institutions think about risk education, and has been engaged by clients from coast to coast, delivering results never before thought possible. Together with our clients, MRM Group is changing the landscape of medical malpractice and patient safety and satisfaction, and improving the US healthcare system.

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Company Overview


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Small and Mid-Sized Insurers: Closing the Competitive Gap through Risk Education


Competing with large insurers has never been easy, and current trends in the healthcare space have intensified this challenge. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to turn a traditional small-firm disadvantage into a distinct competitive advantage.

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Captive Insurer / Risk Retention Group

Captive Insurer / Risk Retention Group

As competition in the medical professional liability insurance market continues to grow, many captives and risk retention groups (RRGs) are looking for ways to attract new policy holders as well as retain existing ones. More than ever before, improving your insureds’ risk profiles and providing value-added services will play a critically important role in your organization’s success.

Through MRM Group’s comprehensive risk education program, captives and RRGs alike have been able to gain that competitive edge, while driving substantial reductions in claim frequency and claim severity. MRM Group’s powerful, cloud-based platform offers a turn-key, private-labeled solution that can quickly and easily deliver risk education content to all policy holders.

Further, MRM Group’s live and online risk education programs provide participants with the CME credits they need, while enabling them to deliver the best possible patient care.



Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker
In a business where service and added value are your key differentiators, medical malpractice insurance brokers turn to MRM Group™ to both deepen existing relationships and acquire new ones. By partnering with MRM Group, brokers are able to provide a service that has proven to profoundly impact their clients’ claim activity, risk profile, and bottom line, while enabling them to practice better medicine and earn the CME credits they need.

Over the past ten years, MRM Group has worked with medical malpractice insurance brokers large and small, and with tens of thousands of healthcare providers, from coast to coast. Our results speak for themselves.

Insurance Carrier

Insurance Carrier
Just as insureds struggle to manage the new exposures introduced by the extraordinary changes we’re experiencing in the healthcare industry today, insurers are similarly challenged to understand the risk implications and to evolve accordingly. Further complicating matters is the extremely competitive nature of the business. Changing client needs creates opportunities—opportunities for both you and your competitors to fulfill those needs. Who will prevail?

More than ever before, improving your insureds’ risk profiles and providing value-added services will play a critically important role in your company’s success.

For over ten years, MRM Group™ has enabled healthcare providers and institutions to dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of their malpractice claims, translating to the increased underwriting profitability of their insurers. The results are measured and proven. Further, MRM Group’s live and online risk education programs provide your insureds with CME credits while enabling them to deliver the best possible patient care.