Recorded Webinar

Tackling the Challenges of CLER through
Malpractice Risk Education

While risk education is a critical part of every graduate medical education program, in practice it can sometimes take a backseat to “higher profile” priorities such as addressing the goals of the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER).


In this webinar, we’ll discuss how risk and patient safety education can play an important role not only in instilling best practices during the formative years that residents and fellows spend in training, but also in meeting your organization’s CLER objectives. Through a program developed by MRM Group, malpractice cases are reviewed and used as tools to teach exposures to risk and how to avoid those exposures. The presenters will demonstrate this by dissecting an actual malpractice case, and explain how this approach, along with incident review, can be deployed in your program. Further, the program is especially designed to align the dual objectives of risk and patient safety education with addressing the CLER focus areas and pathways.


In this webinar, you will learn:


  • How risk education can be used to meet organizational CLER objectives
  • How adverse events can be leveraged to create engaging lessons in risk mitigation and patient safety
  • How this approach can be adapted into any graduate medical education program
  • How to best ensure your residents are “practice-ready” when they leave your program




Alice Vautour, Esq. 
Vice President, Product Development and Legal Teams
MRM Group, LLC


Lenworth Jacobs, MD
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Hartford Hospital

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Tackling the Challenges of CLER
through Malpractice Risk Education


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